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P38 questions

I recently received a P38 pistol (in its original holster and with both of its original magazines - I assume they are that is). It took some investigation, but I'm darn sure it's a 1942 manufacture from the spreewerk factory .... At least that's the date stamped on the holster. It seems to be in very good shape, although the holster is a bit moldy or the like.

I'm wondering if I can shoot some normal (today's normal) 9mm ammo out of it or do I need to try for special ammo.
I'd also love to know about what it's worth, just for curiosities sake!

I wish I knew the real story with this gun, it also came with an SS dagger, and a bayonet for a US M1 carbine. I think I have some history here that's all connected, but we'll never know the real story there.
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