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Originally Posted by SpectreBlofeld
When you shoot and kill a kid, you're shooting and killing an innocent who really doesn't know better.
Yes. Sometimes the best choice SUCKS for everyone involved.

Here's something from a blog I read today. It's about emotionally disturbed persons (EDPs), including people with mental handicaps or impairments. I think it applies here, because you're right: the person holding the gun, killing people, might be someone who "really doesn't know better." That stinks and it's horrible to think that there might not be another way to stop such a person.

Originally Posted by Chiron Blog
We all face the possibility of using force and most of us have thought about the ramifications of using force and come to terms with our own ethics. But on some level, if we ever use force, especially deadly force, we want it to be against a bad person. A murderer or rapist.

A true EDP is not a bad person. With brain chemistry out of balance, his actions are not under his or her own control. Killing an EDP may be necessary for our own survival, it may be justified, but there is no element of justice in it…and we want, maybe need, that element of justice. We want the threat to, in some way, deserve the force.

... Remember here most of all, that self-defense is not about justice. It is about stopping bad things from happening.
It's not about justice. It's about preventing more murders in the only way that will work given the realities of the situation. And it's about making the decision to act, quickly enough for it to do any good.

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