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teachers with guns

Hopefully, I can add something to this discussion. I am a retired High School teacher with 32 years of teaching. For many years, I kept a handgun and hunting rifle in my truck to go hunting after school. The shop teacher had students bring in their guns to school to do minor repairs(he was a gunsmith) In metal shop, he taught the students how to make knives and black powder cannons. We had a rifle team that practiced after school.(on SCHOOL PROPERTY) For Health class, the health teacher brought in several types of handguns to teach handgun safety. We never had a problem, no shootings, or mass murders of any kind! Since the "no gun zone for schools" laws have been passed, there have been hundreds of school shootings and it seems only to be getting worse. In our school, since the first mass killings at Colinbine, we have had a SRO( School Resource Officer) and that has worked out fine. I am against requiring or expecting teachers to provide security for students, but by making it illegal for teachers with concealed carry permits or hunting licenses to even possess firearms locked up in their vehicles or handy in case of need, the politicians have made us all easy marks for mass killings. Even the smallest penknife, pictures of guns or discussions of guns has become illegal and bad. People are killed every day by cars and we have drivers education and it isn't illegal for students of age with licenses to drive to school! We are allowed to talk about disease and how to keep healthy but not talk about gun safety or even show the do's and don'ts of proper firearms safety. We are not allowed to protect ourself anymore and most schools are soft targets of high interest by mentally ill individuals. Ask the President, are his kids protected by just anti-gun laws or by armed guards? And yes, our school kids are at risk today because sick people know if they get in to a school, they will be able to kill at will. What are we as teachers going to do? Throw pencils at the killers?

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