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I am looking for suggestions on how to attract deer and hogs,
As a dedicated hog hunter and trapper i can tell you that attracting hogs is not a good idea. i own three properties in OK located many miles from each other. One of those properties is overrun with wild hogs and the deer population has suffered there. The hogs eat up the acorns, run the deer off game plots and away from water holes. Big hogs sometimes develop a taste for fawns.

Last year a friend and myself trapped about 200 wild hogs and i shot about 20 more. Well over 50 of those hogs came from one property. Judging from game camera photos, i'm not sure we have seriously damaged the hog population. A feeder runs year around at the hog trap and we have not seen one deer at the feeder since October: Nothing but hogs.

Now back to your question. Set up feeders timed to run about 30 minutes before daylight and about one hour before dark. There are feeders that do that automatically. If you can get soybeans or blackeyed peas in bulk use those in your feeders. Otherwise use corn but do not feed more than a few pounds each day for reasons already mentioned.

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