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first Id like to say, thanks to pax for keeping this civil...

Many folks (from reading this thread) tend to view the appearance as an indicator of if the target is a threat or not. No a pregnant woman is not always a threat. Now a person pointing a firearm at another may be considered a threat. (Need I go back and search threads that how pointing a firearm at another is a threat?)

A threat is a threat, plain and simple... A threat can take many different forms. Male/female. Adult/child. Pregnant/Not-pregnant. Black/asian/white, etc. A threat is still a threat.

I would prefer a realistic target that depicts different type situations. Sure, some of them are not fun to think of or consider, but do happen.

Originally Posted by pax
Plenty of people caught up in a domestic violence cycle turn around and attack the responding officers.
It doesnt just take a domestic violence case to do that. It could be something as simple as a citation, or heck, even a verbal warning to make someone flip out against their view of "government" and it doesnt matter how right or legal the officer is.

While I know some folks find defending yourself against a child (less then 18) as wrong, Wait till you have one who is assaulting you violently. Dont think a child under 18 could not kill you? Your fooling yourself. Same with a pregnant woman, or a grand-dad. Its the threat that matters.

For all the folks complaining about these targets, I havent read a reply yet that discusses how to tell an innocent person from one who would kill you. Is it race? No. Is it tats? No. Is it age? No. Is it pregnancy? No. etc....

As to
Originally Posted by North East Redneck
These targets appear to depict only caucasian people.
You evidently havent heard the repeated complaints from african americans about how a b-27 target is racist against african americans....Yes, a B-27 comes in black, but also comes in a blue sillouette too. I dont see too many blue folks walking around either...

Unfortunatly a target only shows a glimpse of what may be happening. I dont see it as "wrong" having various types of targets depicting various things

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