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I have the shopkeeper and so far it sucks. Extraction is impossible with fingers. I have to pull the cylinder and punch them out with the basepin.

Mine has improved greatly in that regard. I shot some Blazer ammo originally, and had the same kind of problem you describe. Next, I shot some old loose ammo in a cigar box, probably several different brands. Most of the time, extraction was pretty easy. Today I shot a box of Remington Cyclone Hollowpoints. I noticed that they seemed to be more powerful (at least a louder report), more accurate, and much easier to extract than any thing I have shot in it yet. I probably have shot close to 400-500 rounds, and I haven't cleaned it yet. Many of the Remington cases today almost fell out of the chambers with just gravity. Keep shooting it. It is a wonderful little plinker. The pine cones and drink cans have had a rough time since I got mine.

Box of loose .22lr and .45ACP ammo being consumed by the two Birdshead revolvers
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