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I didn't say that Ms. Willis couldn't be indicated under federal statute. I was only pointing out the facts as they currently stand in the state of Oregon.

The ruling issued in Salem, Ore., upheld previous decisions by the Oregon Court of Appeals and circuit court in finding that a federal law barring criminals and drug addicts from buying firearms does not excuse sheriffs from issuing concealed weapons permits to people who hold medical marijuana cards and otherwise qualify.

“We hold that the Federal Gun Control Act does not pre-empt the state’s concealed handgun licensing statute and, therefore, the sheriffs must issue (or renew) the requested licenses,” Chief Justice Paul De Muniz wrote.

In looking over the on-line CHL application from the county, there is no specific language dealing with Oregon Medical Marijuana Card holders.

The state has made a determination as to how it's going to handle a rather controversial issue regardless of federal law. Who knows what the future will bring.
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