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Again, Data collected was based on the best performing round from each caliber cartridge.

Data Ref:

This was not in bias, meant to hurt feelings of prejudice against any favorite rifle. This is merely data that was calculated from cartridge manufacture. So take a deep breath…

Grizz12 - 45-70 Govt only shows data at 300 yard or less. At 300 yards the energy is 1035 ft/lbs and gravities effect on bullet drop transition was -23.0 inches from target. Not that good compaired to others. Most gravities tolls are at 400 + yards.

steveNChunter - I guess Hornady's not as knowledgeable. Maybe you can make a chart? Read this "let's dispel some myths surrounding it. Whatever you may have heard before, these are the facts:

•There is no such thing as an absolute and invariable ballistic coefficient (B. C.)
•Ballistic coefficients are only one factor in bullet selection for different kinds of shooting.
•A ballistic coefficient can change with reference to (1) altitude, (2) temperature, (3) atmospheric pressure, and (4) relative humidity.
•Ballistic coefficients are measures of a bullet's relative efficiency.
•Ballistic coefficients are not measures of a bullet's "goodness."
•Higher B.C.s do not necessarily make a bullet "better."
•Lower B.C.s do not necessarily make a bullet "worse."



BartB - You can in a lab setting with all factors being equal.

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