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Ha, guess I didn't give many details, did I? It is an inexpensive Italian version of a long rifle, typical brass fittings, brass curved buttplate, a little door for necessaries in the stock, 45 caliber, octagonal barrel, sidelock percussion cap. It is certainly safe, it's not in THAT bad a condition and it's not that old. I bet it's around 20 years old. I've shot 100 grain loads in it repeatedly, but I can't figure out where the shots go until I drop to a charge closer to 80 grain of 777. I've settled on a 75 grain charge for the time being, on the occasions when I get to shoot it, those pattern about 5" at 25 yards based on the few shots I took the other day.

It's a civilian pattern, but I can't really tell anything about the rifling. It's not as deep as in my centerfire rifles, but it's still there. Well, except in the really bad pitting spots.
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