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I have a Ruger 22/45 and SP101 in .22lr.

I also have a conversion kit for my Hi Power, and my conversion kit for my 1911 is arriving Saturday.

Realistically, my 22/45 sees more use than any other single handgun, and probably as much use as almost all of my other ones combined.

That may change with my Nighthawk Custom .22lr conversion kit [which also locks open].

I like the 1911 feel in my hand a LOT. I looked at .22lr 1911s at my LGS, who let me dry fire [as long as my finger was under the hammer so no firing pin damage] them. NONE of their triggers was acceptable to me.

My thoughts were that I'd rather take the time to have one REALLY GOOD trigger job done, and then have consistant trigger pull, than have to do it twice for a 1911 shooting .22lr.

Lately I've been looking at firearm legislation and considering downsizing my safe's contents. I'm leaning toward only keeping firearms that are 'double-threats': iow, ones that I can use for 2 or more calibers. You know, like sell the .38special and keep the .357mag, as it shoots both?

Or a 1911 with a .22lr conversion on top: Honestly honey, it is only ONE gun, not two! I sold the other one!

I've even debated one more conversion kit: for a Glock 22. That would make my Glock 22 a quadruple-threat: .40S&W, .357sig, 40-9 conversion barrel and .22lr conversion top.

Taking this concept of one firearm registered [I'm in california] with multiple calibers, I've been wondering if a .22lr conversion kit works on a para-ordinance. With built in ramps, it crossed my mind that a 1911 could have a para-ord barrel frame cut, and then completely new top ends. This would allow the 1911 to shoot 9mm, .38super, .357sig, .40S&W, 10mm, .45acp and .45super, plus possibly .22lr. Of course this would require at least 4 complete top ends for breech face/ejectors/extractors/etc.

But Honey. It is only ONE gun! I don't have 8 guns, I just have one gun I can configure in 8 calibers.

Seriously though, the best financial investment seems to be the dedicated .22lr pistol. Swapping at the range isn't fun but can be done. I do it with my Hi Power. But it is sure nice to just grab a different pistol and be ready, without field-stripping and relubing it at the range every time you switch calibers.

IF you are willing to go through that hastle though, you get better muscle memory on THAT trigger. This may not be significant to you. It is nice to have though. And more toys is always more fun, whatever you decide.
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