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To be truthful, I've never been a fan of pellets either (to date I've never used them), and this is only the second inline I've had my entire life. I'd bet $100 you can load as fast as the pellets.... Believe you me, I'm pretty dang quick with powder and a miniball too. As a honer roll graduate of Hardee's light infantry tactics 101, I can crank out the heat...while formation

I just for some reason feel better about leaving an inline with pellets loaded for a few days if I have to...more so than powder in a side-lock. Misplaced thought maybe?

My deer hunting is like speed dating. My job requires me to get quantity over quality I may go every other week I went everyday but Sunday. But it's only from before sun up till about 10am. So very often this year, I found myself hiking out of the woods with a loaded sidelock smoke pole. That would be the main goal behind this inline. Quick, light handy and can get a straight shot from the muzzle the the breach with minimal tools and dissembling.

Otherwise I'd love nothing more then to go out "properly" garbed with a Lancaster school flinter more often...Maybe some day I get the time But for this year I want to maximize the time I have.

And the cool part of this is...right after starting this thread (seriously, like five minuets after), I was contacted by an individual that lived only minuets from me, with the perfect CVA Staghorn "donor" rifle for the project. And at a price that couldn't be passed up

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