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Vernier target sight - annoying problem

I put an adjustable vernier target (TOW) sight on my BP rifle, its a great sight and everything but the problem is it folds down under recoil and I have to re-adjust it every shot which gets annoying quick.
It doesn't fold completely, but it moves so much that I have to re-adjust it every single shot.

I tried to tighten the screw that holds the sight on the base but it still folds down. Maybe the spring is too weak? - though a friends sight (different make) has the same problem.

Has anyone fixed that problem?

I thought about drilling a small hole through the side of the base and into sight itself to put a small pin in there so it can't move under recoil, but its just too small and fragile for that.

Thats the sight I'm talking about:

Any suggestions?
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