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Glock grip modifications anyone?

First off. I'm an all steel / alloy framed type of guy.

I decided to carry my Glock 17 again. Due to magazine capacity. I feel safer. Recent events in Miami strung this up.

So I took my SIG P220 (basically my favorite gun to carry and shoot) put it in the safe and took the 9mm G17 to the range lol way too easy to shoot. But something felt funny. So I brought out my other blue label Glock 22 2nd gen. Which I haven't shot in a while. It was MDPD issued just like the G17 I have.

I used to only shoot and carry the G22 for years. And then it hit me when I picked it up the second generation Glock 22. And it all made sense.

Wanted this...

On my third gen G17 so, I did this.....

I just did NOT like the way that those finger grooves dug into my hands. And I have big hands.

I would be carrying my most fired weapon. 3,000+ rounds and all. My SIG P226. But don't have an IWB holster for it.

Anyways. Sorry I derailed a few times. Just like letting y'all know what's going on.

So anybody else do custom work on their Glock frames?

I had done this stippling to my G19 gen 4 (which I had to sell)

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