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Yep, some southern states passed gun control laws after the Civil War aimed at disarming slaves. Later NY City passed gun control laws aimed at disarming immigrants.

Lobbying of congress by well organized anti-gun groups did not exist in the 60s. There were no organized gun control organizations at the national level until the 1970s.

There was The Emergency Committee For Gun Control run by John Glenn and Robert Kennedy. The committe was made up of Kennedy volunteer staffers. It received support from the AFL_CIO, the Conference of Mayors, the ACLU, the American Bankers Association and other professional and civic groups.

Congressmen from the northeastern states wanted gun registration and gunowner licensing. Those were shot down in congress. The driving forces behind gun control in the US senate were senator Thomas Dodd of CT and senator Joseph Tydings of MD. Tydings is the adopted son of senator Millard Tydings.

Dodd had been condemned by the US senate for using campaign funds for personal use. He lost his re-election bid in 1970.

In 1970 i was a US Army soldier stationed in southern MD. On election day i hauled a hundred or so Republican voters to the polls in my Ford Econoline van. MD voters did a trick on Joseph Tydings that election day.

To make a long story short, the deaths of JFK, Robert Kennedy, MLK and the demand for gun control by LBJ and the administration lead to the gun control act of 1968. While the Vietnam war raged, LBJ went on the air beating the drums for gun control; much like the present administration is doing today. Polls, if one can ever believe polls, showed 80 percent of US voters in 1968 wanted gun control.

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