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if you (plural you, I'm not singling anyone out) believe that it's OK for police to train with targets showing realistic photos of people, what are acceptable characteristics (age, gender, race, clothing, grooming, attractiveness..) for the people depicted to have?
They should all be depicted as clowns, because we all know clowns are evil and trying to take over the world.

Seriously though, I think a good training variation would be realistic/photo targets of all types, from people(of all types) just standing there, to people holding objects, to people pointing guns as depicted by the targets in question, as well as people with guns, but not raised/pointed at the shooter. The random object and just holding guns would be no shoots, guns raised/aimed would be shoot targets.

It seems that one thing some people are over looking is that these images are not just of people holding guns, they're of people pointing guns at the potential trainee.
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