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As you can see above, there are many choices.

However, you say in your first post that you want a heavy barrel, partly because of heat build up.

Well, if you can shoot fast enough with a .22 for heat to be an issue, I want to watch you do it.

More important is barrel quality.

I got a very good deal. paid 600.00 for a rifle that was ordered directly from Clark Custom for 785.00 shipped and traded in without shooting because of the .920, 20" barrel.

This is a Clark Custom 77/22 which is a RUGER 77/22 tricked out by Clark.

The barrel is a walther barrel, and it simply shoots fantastic.

Were I to order one, I'd go with the much lighter barrel, as it is a heavy rifle.

The CZ shoots way better then should be expected from a rifle of that price level.

Go to Rimfire Central Forum, and you can spend days going over all the reports of the many .22s available.

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