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I don't mind Airsoft guns (i.e. replica guns), but I have concerns about the orange tip. One one hand, it's good to help distinguish a real firearm from a replica. On the other hand, I can see where thugs could start painting the tips of their real guns orange so they can openly carry them around without anyone questioning.
In any place where open carrying a gun would be questioned. I imagine it would be questioned regardless of whether it has an orange tip or not. I'm under no illusions that the orange tip makes the gun any safer since cops are trained to shoot whenever anything gun shaped is pointed at them regardless of what color it is. So orange tip or not basic safety and discretion applies. Don't brandish it anywhere it would generally be unacceptable to do so and you'll be fine.

I actually have a custom gas M727 replica that I built. Functions exactly like an AR-15 and is even completely built out of real AR-15 parts on the outside. With the only exceptions being the internal bits necessary for it to be an airsoft gun and the lower receiver (and that's only because an 80% lower is too much hassle to get right now to mill out to use on this AR)
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