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Optics suggestions...dots in particular

New to ARs, but loving every minute of it. So be prepared for lots of "stupid" questions.

I just got a new one and want to set it up as a CQB style. Looking for a dot sight option (reflex or tube) that actually works well in high light situations such as outside in the FL sun.
I've made the mistake of getting TruGlow and other things in the $60-$100 range for my pistols and while they seem great inside.....worthless outside.
I know I'll have to spend coin to get good....but don't want to "experiment" with optics that cost several hundred. I don't mind my TruGlow POS sitting in a drawer at $60....but doing the same with something expensive would really suck.

So I'm reaching out and hoping to get the benefit of some experience.

Thanks in advance.
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