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Two stories...

Once, several of my fraternity brothers and I were going on a hunting trip. I was taking my .30-06 Mossberg for the first time. What at the time I blamed on lack of options, but now attest to stupidity, I loaded the magazine of the rifle before packing it. In the course of packing my friends truck, the rifle got removed from the vehicle and one of my fraternity brothers picked up and worked the action, actually attempting to see if it was loaded. Said fraternity brother then discharged the rifle, thankfully in a safe direction, not knowing that the rifle was then loaded. Guess he thought I had a magazine cut off.

Another time, I left a couple of shells in my Benelli Super Black Eagle after a hunting trip. I was showing said Benelli to a fraternity brother who worked the action and chambered the first shell and then ejected it, not realizing another one was chambered. He then shouldered it and promptly blew away my ceiling fan. Again, he thought the chamber was clear.
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