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And while we may admire the courage of an officer who, for instance, talks down a child who's wielding a gun, and so defuses the situation, we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the officer is putting his or her own safety at risk by choosing not to shoot. Police have every right to put their own safety first if someone is pointing a gun at them -- as do we.
In this age of home invasions I can understand a LEO breaking in a door of a house and facing the homeowner with a gun. Is that homeowner a criminal or a person exercising his right to self-defense? Of course the assumption is the LEO has announced who he is and has requested access to the home. If it is just a bust the door down entry then I would hope the homeowner would take this threat down. Remember these LEOs do wear body armor so it is not an absolute threat from the law abiding citizen. My God man how could you live with yourself shooting a pregnant woman or kid?
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