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Old??? 60s to 80s???? OMG!!! Now I'm feeling old myself!!!

There are lots of "vintage" 22s out there. I once had a nice collection of them but liquidated them a number of years ago. The problem is, there are so many makes and models. The collection I had was pretty much "youth rifles" - inexpensive rifles from the early 1900s to the 1930s and 40s - single shots that were intended for "first rifles" for a kid. If I was going to collect again, I'd probably pick one or two brands and concentrate on the different models in those lines. The nice thing is that you can still pick them up at flea markets, garage sales, etc. - sometimes but not always at a cheap price.

At the time, I was also picking up vintage 22 ammo boxes that I displayed with them. They are an interesting thing to collect as well. When I was a kid, shorts, longs and long rifles were what we had. I don't even know if longs are even made anymore. If you start collecting 22s from the years you referred to, you might keep your eyes open for ammo boxes from that period. There are a lot of brands that were available then that are no longer available.

Advertising is also a neat thing to display with a collection - especially if they are for the guns you have. In the 50s and 60s when I was a kid, there was a vast array of guns advertised in a lot of different publications.

Good luck with your collecting - as you find 'em I hope you'll post some photos of your "finds". Enjoy!
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