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WW2, the problem is that most of the pro-gun Californians one meets are from rural areas inland or northern, or else from military enclaves such as San Diego or Lemoore.

The wealthy, urban Californians who buy up properties in other states rarely seem to be pro-gun, and usually seem to favor big government.

To put this in perspective, my mother's family and my father's family were both from Massachusetts. While a mix of R and D, all are center conservative; several are or were cops or corrections officers; many were military.

Most have moved from Massachusetts due to area politics. One uncle is stuck there because of penalties he would incur to his state pension should he move. Other relatives have a large business, and won't leave, but that cousin is a former cop and is friendly with his rural police chief, so he and his immediate family have no firearm permit troubles.

But they are in a minority, whether among current MA residents, or among those who have emigrated. The folks with money and political inclinations tend to be anti-gun in MA, and to remain anti-gun when they relocate.

Perhaps the most ironic example was a former Bostonian I met, who was managing a pawn and gun shop and range near Fort Bragg - the guy was selling guns and managing a range, but extremely critical of concealed carriers.

So, while you may well be fighting the good fight, you are also fighting a stereotype that, like many stereotypes, is rooted in fact.

Edit: WW2, I will go one further, and say that my family laugh when they hear people refer to "M*******s," both because they know exactly what is meant, and that it does not apply to them. You might look at the "Californian" thing in a similar light.

Second Edit: I wasn't sure if the 'bot would allow that term. Suffice to say it's a term in common usage throughout the rest of New England to describe rude tourist / bad driver / annoying new neighbors from Mass, ending with hole; it's not looked at so much like a profanity, as a descriptive term which is immediately understood.

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