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Shot the Saker today!

Got mine in this afternoon, immediately left work to play with it.

The MAAD mount and Trifecta mount were a little tight, which is to be expected with brand new product.

After oiling the threads on the MAAD mount and installing it to the saker body, I installed the trifecta mount on my rifle. Noticing that there was no rocksett or instructions to rocksett in the manual, I called Mike Pappas and asked him if I should be using any type of threadlocker and he said as long as torque is sufficient to keep the mount on the threads I should be good.

I gave the trifecta mount a good twist with the enclosed wrench and mounted/removed the saker a few times. It takes a little getting used to but it works as advertised.

Range time was limited as there was some construction going on but installation of the saker went on easy, the mount is rock solid. There is no measurable play in the Trifecta RS/MAAD/Saker interface.

First round sounded great, as did subsequent rounds. I was too happy to make an objective determination on first round pop and I was very pleased with the experience.

The textured body of the Saker make removal easy, the enclosed tools make switching MAAD mounts a snap.

Performance of the Trifecta RS is as advertised - no ringing whatsoever. I think anyone looking to get into 5.56 product will be very happy with a Saker given the modularity of the product and the multiple mount support.
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