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Weapons control - swords, bows and arrows is about as old as recorded history. Typically imposed by rulers on their subjects.

The ironic thing that is never mentioned in the current debate is that all of the primary organizations in the gun control movement are funded by politicians and pacs and not for profits run mostly by boards dominated by politicians, CEO's, and a few academics. Organizations that would cease to function without the continual infusions of cash from their rich donors, creators. None have any real dues or paid membership numbers. They are totally dependent on the powerful few who fund and run them.

Contrast this with the principle Second Amendment groups and organizations which all have large grass roots of dues paying members and which receive the bulk of their finances from their members and are huge long term sustained grass roots organizations.

This is never reported or discussed in the MSM, which is overwhelmingly supportive of gun control, which is itself dominated, owned, and run top down, by corporations and CEO's.

Kind of an important story that goes forever unreported. Gun control advocates are afraid of such a story catching hold in the MSM, which is why the NRA and such are continually defamed as a tools of the gun manufacturers and as either representing a minority extremist view or that the leadership of the NRA doesn't represent the true views of the bulk of its members.

This is also why they focus so much on snapshot polls after a tragedy has whipped up emotions as they want to portray their organizations as having massive public support. But the truth is they never have enough support to financially sustain their organizations from grassroots supporters.

Superficially they may sometimes be ahead in public polls of support for nebulous gun control proposals, but when people are informed of the specifics of an issue their support always falls. A good example of this is the support for a so called AWB, the polls done by reputable organizations are close, but when you realize that polling has also showed more than 20 percent of those polled who support and AWB think that they are talking about machine guns not semi-automatic firearms then that shows the true depth or lack of depth of their movement.

The old saying is true - support for gun control at times may be a mile wide, but it is an inch deep. While support for the RKBA is a mile wide and a mile deep. There are many in the RKBA movement who volunteer not only their money but their time and effort. And many more are single issue voters or weigh the issue as much more important when voting.

It is often said in the press and claimed by gun control advocates that the RKBA movement is based on fear. Yet the truth is that the gun control movement depends on the ignorance and fear of the bulk of those members of the public they hope to persuade - many RKBA advocates have won over rank and file gun control advocates with trips to the range and facts. The opposite is almost never true.
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