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Originally Posted by dajowi
I'm sorry but I thought the Department of Homeland Security's job was countering terrorism. I don't view workplace violence as terrorism.
The Department of Homeland Security is a cabinet-level department that was put in place after 9/11, it's true, but countering terrorism was never their only mission. Several formerly independent agencies were placed within DHS, from FEMA, to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (!), to Customs and Immigration (now Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- ICE is such an awesomely cool acronym ). It's not clear that all, or most, of these changes were for the better.

I haven't looked at the course you mention yet, but I did watch the video on the DHS site on how to protect yourself from an active shooter. It's all pretty good advice on hiding, evacuating, and how not to get shot by police arriving on the scene. But it mentions "challenging the shooter" as strictly a last resort, and shows a guy in a white shirt picking up a truly fearsome-looking pair of scissors from his desk...

Originally Posted by Twmaster
The one that bothered me the most is the woman in a robe with a handgun. The impression I get is she's defending her home. LE's are supposed to 'not hesitate' and just shoot her? Really?
Just think of her as a Desperate Housewife.
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