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I understand the frustration, but it’s hard to bash the store if there’s a supply and demand issue. We went to a GM last weekend when visiting my wife’s cousin near Auburn, AL. They had a great selection of new and used firearms…over priced, but still a good selection. Ammo was way overpriced. They had zero 9mm ball, but several thousands of .45 ball (most 100 round boxes). The 100 rd boxes were priced at around $70 I think, twice what I could buy it for at home. Magazine prices were quite high as well, but they did have them on the shelves. The buying frenzy will subside, so patience is needed. This is another reason I’ve been buying every opportunity over the past couple of years and stocking up when prices and stocks are better.

It does suck, but that’s economics. I do commend Midway as they have been very consistent even if slow and limiting quantities. If the big box stores sold their stock at standard prices, some jackass would buy everything he could and throw it on gunbroker for three-times the price. When there’s this much demand and little supply, they big box stores want to at least keep something on their shelves and draw the crowds.

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