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Reread this thread substituting Texan for Californian

breaking: If you go back and re-read this thread substituting Texan for Californian you will see how the comparison with racism rings true.

Based on what people are saying, even if I move to Texas I will still be treated as a "Californian" (said with a disgusted look on the face and spitting on the ground afterward to get the foul task of "Californian" out of the mouth).

Can I easily change from being a resident of California to being a resident of Texas? No. Being upside down on my mortgage and having kids in college that have jobs would be a big problem. Leaving the proximity of my retired parents means I would not get to visit them very often if at all. Breaking up the family is not an option for me. By the way, my whole family is conservative and votes RKBA.

Can I change my race? Yes I can just by changing from a Caucasian to a Native American. Race is not always obvious and looks can be deceiving.
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