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In 23 years of on and off firearms experience, I have yet to have an ND. I had safety ingrained in my head from a young age. Some might call me OCD about safety. Chamber check anytime I handle a gun, whether I "know" it's loaded or not. I'm absolutely OCD about where my trigger finger is. I'm not trying to play "holier than thou," I'm just calling a spade a spade. I'm not saying it won't happen in the future, I am human, and am prone to momentary lapses of common sense, so I'm not saying someone is stupid or something for having an ND. However, let's call it what it is. A gun doesn't accidently fire. If it did, then the anti-gunners would have a great argument against guns. It requires the action of someone to fire. If a gun fires when it wasn't intentional, it wasn't an accident. It was negligence, because some common sense safety rule (and usually several) was broken.
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