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Trainers: How many of you are changing your ammo policies?

Many of the training facilities seem to frown on or outright ban reloaded ammo use during their classes.

While I understand the rational behind that, and considering the shortages on ammo, how many (if any) of you are loosening your requirements?

For example, I am scheduled to attend a class next month that tells me to bring 1000 rounds.

If I were to have to buy that ammo as factory new I'd not be able to attend. Both due to availability and cost. A recent trip to Cabela's had 18 boxes of PMC .45ACP on the shelf. Sale priced at $28.99 per 50!

Thankfully the instructor will allow me to bring my jacketed reloads. So between 8 boxes of Blazer and the remainder my reloads I am set for the course and practice up to the day of the course.

So, considering the current supplies shortage how many of you are making exceptions? How many are not? Why, or why not?

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