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Some forum members have boasted over 20k of ammo; at first I thought 5k rounds was excessive before. Now 20k and up is the norm esp if you add 22lr to that amount. These hoarders/preppers who bought countless rounds of ammo before it dried up in January is definitely a cause for the shortage we currently have.
I'm not a hoarder or a prepper, but I'm a guy with about 25,000 rounds of various calibers with almost half being .22lr. I've been buying for several years because I realized a long time ago that ammo isn't ever going to get cheaper. I bought Federal bulk .22 for $12 a brick a few years ago and now look at it. I bought WWB 100 round boxes of 9mm for $12 a box also and now look at it. I don't feel bad at all for having what I have. I've never wiped out anyone's inventory when I buy, I just add to my stash as I can.
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