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One more bit of information. Just to be absolutely sure about what I said yesterday, and because I have a lot of ammo to reload - and I might as well get it right the first time, I did more shooting. About 100 more rounds. As far as the Redding Type S FL Bushing Die, I found my problem. I started seating the bullets out closer to the lands and the groups tightened right up. After a remeasure of distance from bolt face to lands, it turns out that I hadn't been loading out as far as I had thought I was. So now I'd move the Bushing die into second place. I retested the standard FL die again, and it shot pretty good, and probably good enough to suit most folks. The standard Neck Die was just terrible, and just a month ago I thought it was the way to go. But still, the Lee Collet Die gives me the best 5 shot groups. No denying that. And it's funny, but with the Lee Collet Die it's not good (for my rifle) to load out close to the lands. I got best accuracy with what the Lyman 49th shows as an OAL of 2.215 inches for that cartridge and that bullet.

And perhaps worthy of mention is that the highly prepped Nosler cases gave me better grouping than did the highly prepped Winchester cases.'s finally over and I believe in what I've found. Now to load up a 100 rounds or so. Again, thanks for listening.
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