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...You stated that a 9mm round into a vest is A serious blow -- "But it may certainly knock the wind out, render an arm temporarily useless and/or make the subject feel as if he's about to die." That statement is wildly optimistic...
Optimistic or otherwise, that's a real life experience suffered by yours truly, Sgt Lumpy. Shot in the vest with a 9mm Beretta clone. Couldn't talk/yell for help, couldn't make my arm move to get to my radio/pistol, life flashing before my eyes thinking the guy would come back outside and shoot me in the head while I tried to crawl/roll away from danger.

All for a failure to appear warrant on a $70.55 traffic ticket.

No matter how many "crazed crack heads immune to gunfire" stories we can find, firing a gun - ANY gun - in the direction of someone buys you time. Even if that bullet isn't "optimal ballistics" or "Center of mass" or even if it's a miss. That's my optimistic opinion.

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