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Thinking about a glock 20, need advice

Hey all, recently I've really gained an interest in the 10mm cartridge and the glock 20. A couple of weeks ago my brother and I went to our local range and rented a glock 20, and I loved the thing. Now I think I might want one, but I have some questions. My first being... I already have a S&W 4006 in .40 S&W, is there really THAT much of a power difference between 10mm and .40 to warrant buying a 10mm? I might also go hunting for the first time maybe next season, and I want a nice sidearm to come with me, is 10mm a good choice?. It also makes me feel a little more comfortable having a pistol with me when venturing out in the woods, there are quite a few black bears and other big animals here in NH. One thing that I know is certainly better in the glock regardless of power, is that it holds 15 rounds and my S&W holds 11. Lastly what is a reasonable price for a new Glock 20, preferably a gen 3 or 4?
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