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Now a guy with a gun on his belt being confrontational with the cops, that's going to be interesting to watch.
Nobody is saying that OCers should be confrontational with cops. Nobody is supporting the youtube videos where jerks are spewing regulation after regulation, to cops (but it isn't illegal either).

Again, OCers have the right to not engage in consensual conversations with police. Exersizing your right to silence can hardly be described as "confrontational". Remaining silent isn't a crime, it is a right. In fact, if you are detained for a crime, that's the first thing the cop tells you via miranda rights. In fact, I think I'm going to make a 3x5 card for use in just about any police officer (performing his/her job) contact I may have for carry, DUI checkpoints, etc...that says:

"My name is <place name here>. No offense officer, but I do not wish to engage in a conversation with you. I am excersizing my 5th Ammendment right by remaining silent. I do not consent to warrantless searches or seizures of myself or my property. If I am not being detained, I wish to leave now. If I am being detained, please explain what crime you believe I have committed, or am about to commit, and allow me to contact my lawyer for guidance. Am I free to go?"

Would giving that to a cop be confrontational?
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