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Special Citizens

I am hoping to get a discussion on this. I do not mean to offend anyone or stir up angst. I would love to know if my thoughts are wrong and the reasons why. I just feel that this needs attention. Especially so since manufacturers are starting to draw the lines in the sand as well.

All men are created equal;

With the states that are doing away with the RKBA, they are allowing a special class of citizens to own the very same arms that are being made illegal. While I have no problem with nor history against any police officers, I grew up in the era where we were raised to have a profound respect of them, I do have a problem with them being able to own them in their personal inventory if they are illegal to the general public. I feel it should be the property of the state and they should be the caretakers of said weapons. The states should purchase these, maintain these, and issue them as needed. I understand the special circumstances of an individual who may be on a SWAT team and that they may need to carry the dreaded black rifle in their trunk. Other that truly special circumstances, I feel that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Thoughts?
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