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Previously owned:
Blue framed with...
44Mag 14" bull - magna ported (does anyone remember "Magna Porting")
223Rem 14" bull - man was that ever loud!!

Sold all to a buddy who used to borrow it all the time to hunt - he got more deer with that 44 then I did. But I think I got more milk jugs!!

Black Panther Etched frame with packmyre grips for pistol and Choate stock for rifle. Also added a mercury recoil tamer in the butt of the choate for the 45/70, but it stays there for the other one. Black on black looks great.

Super 14 - 7-30 waters, Howitzer muzzle brake installed by EABCO. Awesome in taming this round and sub-MOA accuracy with reloads.
Super 14 - 45/70 Govt, hang on or eat the hammer!!
23" Carbine - 45/70 Govt, Bought this to play with 38 and 40cal sabots
23" Carbine - 6.8SPC, want to see how accurate I can get to 3-400yards??

I hope to find some info on here about the 6.8 in longer barrels with up to 130gr bullets (high SD's for hunting penetration). Lots of talk about no better velocity than the 16" AR, but I think those folks don't consider slower powders. Perhaps they are only testing the fast burning AR specific loads. And you can seat much longer bullets in the Contender then possible in the AR magazines (I have a nice bison 20" in 6.8 too). Now I have a light deer rifle with minimal recoil and very well balanced.
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