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Oddly enough, I've had good luck with the Remington Thunderbolts. My only complaint is a dirty gun afterwards.
I agree. The thunderbolts and sub sonic will both print a bit larger than 1 inch groups at 100m (reflective of my own limits as much as the limits of the rifle or ammunition), though I will get an occasional dud with the thunderbolts.

It isn't just dirty in the gun either; just loading it gets the hands fairly dirty.

Haven't seen any ammo shot out of any gun that leaves a clean gun, what's the difference if you clean a lot of crud or a little crud as long as the gun goes bang and you hit the target. I'm going to clean the gun no matter what.
In a long session with a pistol, the difference between shooting thunderbolt and Dynapoint (with which I have also had very good experience) is pronounced. With the former, after several hundred rounds the inside of the pistol looks as if you sprayed dirty engine oil in it, then through a handful of sand at it. With the latter, you get some accumulation of wax and a fine, gray residue, but you can't get through 500 rounds without the sandy accumulation that can adversely affect function.

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