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Thanks everyone for the help. Very much appreciated.
This is information that I have received from another forum.

You have a Second Model Hammerless, Large Frame, .38S&W, and it is the 1907-1908 Ninth Variation.


The "R" letter code places manufacture very late in 1907.
The "R" guns were manufactured as follows:
~ 1906 - R00001-R33000
~ 1907 - R33001-R66500
~ 1908 - R66501-R100000


Nickel was the standard finish, Blue was optional.
2" and 3ΒΌ" barrel was standard, 4", 5", and 6" was optional. 2" was the "Cycle" model.
Hard Rubber grips were standard. Wood, Ivory, and Mother of Pearl were optional, as well as the Bourne Knuckleduster.

In 1905, prices were as follows:
Hammer w/Nickel finish - $6, Hammerless w/Nickel Finish - $7.
Blue Finish - $1 extra.
4" barrel - $0.50 extra, 5" or 6" - $1.50 extra.
Mother Of Pearl - $1.50 extra, Ivory - $3.00 extra.


The only discrepancy that I see between your revolver and the book is in the September Patent date. Your date of Sept. 6, 1904 matches the actual Patent, whereas the book lists Sept. 4, 1904. I'm inclined to think that the Sept. 6, 1904 date is correct and the book shows a typo that occurred repeatedly.

Patents, the one stamped on your revolver are as follows:
~ Granted June 16,1896, #561963 to Homer Caldwell, Applied For May 2,1895. This covers the Hammerless version of the "Hammer the Hammer" action.

~ Granted August 25, 1896 #566393 to Andrew Fyrberg. Applied for October 2, 1891. This patent covers the "Hammer the Hammer" action. (Fun Fact - Note the time frame.)

~ Granted August 25, 1896 # 566399 to Iver Johnson and Andrew Fyrberg. Applied for July 4, 1890. This patent covers the Cylinder Retainer. (Fun Fact - Note the time frame.)

~ Granted September 6, 1904 # 769277 to O.W. Ringqvist. Applied for July 8, 1903. This patent covers the Automatic Cylinder Stop used on the Third Model revolvers.


This gun is not considered safe with smokeless powder. Yours was the last of blackpowder guns.

The OWL looking at the trigger was used on the blackpowder guns. When the change to smokeless was made, the OWL was turned to look at the grip screw.
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