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Years back, I took an LFI-1 class from Mas Ayoob. In that class, Mas used one of the original "Shoot / Don't Shoot" videos used in law enforcement training. (Hmmm, it must have been a 'film' when it was first produced, being late 60s or early 70s vintage. It was a videotape the year I saw it, and probably digitized by now. Weird...) The film came from law enforcement training, but obviously, LFI was using it to show armed citizens some possible scenarios & decisions they might face.

Anyway. On that film, there were several different types of shoot situations, including one with a child who looked to be around 10 years old who first shot someone else, then started shooting toward the viewer.

That was a "shoot" scene.

It shook me up.

But -- is someone less dead when shot by a child rather than adult?

The youngest multi-victim school shooter was 11 years old.

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