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Originally Posted by Skans
How about Joe Biden telling folks the only thing they need to do to defend themselves use their double barrel shotgun and fire two warning shots.
If you're referring to the question-and-answer gig he did a few weeks ago, he didn't actually say anything about warning shots. He did, however, claim that a shotgun was safer than an "assault rifle" in the hands of someone who didn't know how to use it, or even if they did know how to use it ("it" being an "assault rifle").

So he basically said that a shotgun in the hands of an untrained person was safer than an "assault rifle" in the hands of someone who was trained to use it...
Edited to add:
Oops. I see he's come out with a new piece of double-barreled shotgun idiocy, and while he doesn't actually say "warning shots," he pretty much says, Blast away, and don't worry about aiming. This is even worse advice than to fire warning shots in the air, IMO.

However, I was encouraged to see that the results of linked poll, which asked "Is this good advice?" was running 68% to 32% in favor of NO.
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