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Does 2A protect armed drones?

OK, I admit I have weird thoughts and sometimes I share them. Would a personal drone aircraft armed with, say, a Ruger 10/22, be an arm protected under the Second Amendment?

"Inspiration" for this was the Dianne Rhiem (sp) Show on NPR this morning which was discussing issues related to the possible use of drones in the US, for such things as observation of wildfires, search and rescue, and of course law enforcement. One of the panelists made a comment about the differences between military and civilian use and observed that he hoped civilian drones would not be armed. So does anyone care to comment on whether individual ownership of an armed drone would be legal under existing law? I don't contend that it would be a good idea, BTW, just curious.
And just FYI for those who may not know there are privately owned drones, mostly DIY models, in operation now.
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