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Comments on S&W SD40 VE

Originally Posted by Mr_Jumper View Post
^Yes, you can feel the unhappiness through his sell post.

I have to respectfully disagree. Yes they are range ammo, but most quality (and even some not-so-quality) should have ZERO problem with range ammo. I can only imagine a gun that only shoots premium ammo. Yikes.
I agree with this. Of the 4,000+ my Beretta PX4 has put down range over the past 4.5 years, I'd say at least half has been Federal Champion and at least a quarter Winchester White Box. Never a problem. Ditto the 1,500 or so my LCP has fired.

While I don't doubt the occasional quality control slip, as they are budget ammo, if a gun can't eat them I generally think the gun is crap. If my $300 LCP and $450 PX4 can eat them, other guns ought to be able to.

Heck, to go even further with it, I shot an absolutely filthy SR22 at a rental range. 400 rounds of the most sketchy, bargain basement .22LR I have ever seen. Zero issues.

An occasional bad load from range ammo? Sure. Consistent issues? It's the gun. A good gun can be fed cheap ammo.
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