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Great link - thanks.

Biden assumes that women can't aim an AR and you can't miss with a shotgun. Why he should open up a shooting school when he retires!

The interesting point as brought up revolves around the views of women and self-defense. There's a fairly large literature on it and it's clear that strong women are not valued by some. A brief little summary by me from somewhere else:

Basically, women are supposed to passive and feminine. An attractive woman cannot be a heroine. Attackers of attractive women get lesser sentences. If you resist strongly, your attacker gets a lesser sentence. Heavier women are not believed as being raped as they should have able to fight off the male. All found the in the violence against women analyses of cliches and rape myths.

So you are not a true 'woman' if you fight actively. Thus, this old advice fights into the early rape defense views of passivity. Recently, the Washington Post had a column by a women denouncing Gayle Trotter for her use of a firearm to defend herself - she was said not to be a real women but Gabby Giffords was a real woman as she was a victim of gun violence.

Note, this is not an attack on Rep. Giffords by me, it is from the article that said that. Giffords was passive as women are supposed to be. There are notable critiques out on the gun mfgs. selling products aimed at women. It harks back to MS magazine articles denouncing guns as a male paradigm and critiquing the old SW Ladysmith 3rd gen guns and revolvers of that period, Anyway, I wish I had a 3913LS, they were nice and I missed a good one on sale by being broke.
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