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I know a lot of you will say that this is excessive and unfeasible, but I know for a fact that a select-fire rifle will not do any more harm than a semi-automatic in the hands of a proven responsible gun owner. I think this is fair. They get theirs, we get ours.
Problem with that is, they think being able to hang onto 22LR bolt actions and 22 pistols just a little bit longer IS getting ours.

And we'd be better off demanding things like a National Carry Permit.

Second, the background check cannot cover "all forms" of mental illness. You still have to touch base with due process in some way or another- Adjudicated mentally deficient. A judge or panel has to say your mental illness is so bad you can't take care of yourself... either through a civil hearing, or a NG by Reason of Mental Disease or Defect non-conviction conviction. There was story in my local paper about a woman who was arrested with a gun, and had been in all sorts of trouble. She should never have had a gun. No one disputes this.

But the anti writing the story didn't make the connection that this woman hadn't had the due process take her right away. The background check didn't fail, and she didn't avoid it, the system failed to follow through enough to flag her. Charges were dropped when she plead Not Guilty by.. yadda yadda. So her plea didn't count. She'd been arrested for other things other times, but again charges were dropped... she had no criminal record and had never actually been adjudicated mentally deficient.
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