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Kinda having a brain fart here and if the OP or someone else would kindly explain something to me.....

The OP questioned about one gun for small game to deer and carrying a load or loads which would work for all things. Why? I can definitely understand wanting and using versatile guns and cartridges for woods bummin but with short and set seasons on big game, woods bummin just doesn't include deer or many other big game. Not like I'm out for a general stroll thru the woods and have the legal ability for shots of opportunity on deer. Coyote yes, maybe hogs if ya got em, varmints OK, small game I'll buy due to long seasons, but Deer?

Deer season is deer season and then you have everything else and there is no need to pack a gun for deer most of the time IMO.

Any of you live in an area/jurisdiction where deer or other game is on the list when woods bummin?
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