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DOJ vs Obama vs common sense!

None of the proposed gun bans make any sense or will reduce crime. I have to laugh at some of them. Rifles with bayonette lugs are looked at as "assault type rifles" by the anti-gun group. How many murders, robberies or crimes have been committed with a rifle with a fixed bayonette? An antique reproduction muzzleloader with a bayonette lug is an assault weapon. Somehow a .223 rifle is looked at as a high powered deadly weapon, but a .458 winchester magnum is not considered by these people as anything! A magazine of 10 rounds is not a threat, but have one that holds more in NY and you are a criminal! Its OK by Joe Biden to fire off outside into the air a double barrel shotgun if you feel threatened, but not OK to have a pistol that has a magazine that has more than 10 rounds in it! What will the neighbors think when the shotgun pellets rain down on them? What then will you do to defend yourself with an empty double barrel shotgun?
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