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An additional comment on holsters.

I prefer leather over the synthetics. For me they are quieter and when properly molded fit the pistol and hold its form.

I once read a book, "Inside the FBI". The author was trained by a agent whose career started in the late 1930 s and was considered to be the last of the FBI gunfighters. The senior agent offered some great advice.

1. The holster should all ways stay in place. It needs to be were you expect it to be in order to facilitate a clean draw.

2. He modified the belt loops on his pants to accomplish this. Modifying your apparel to protect the gun is great advice.

A pancake design holster with its smooth edges (no sharp angles) reduces printing and reduces the possibility of you concealing garments from snagging and interfering with your draw.

The over riding consideration in a concealed carry is your ability to deploy the weapon under stress.

Good luck.
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