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Boycotts almost never work even when the boycotters have other options... Like choosing one restaurant over another. Virtually no one is going to give up a hunting season with no reasonable alternative choice.
Besides that, hunting licenses long ago got stupid expensive, 10s of thousands of us bought lifetime licenses before the last price increase. We can't boycott even if we wanted to.
Letters DO work, as do phone calls. Obviously not every time, the dedicated antis aren't changing their minds any more than you or I. It's the fence-sitters that listen to reason.
Moving can be a viable option when the state is failed beyond reason, which definately includes NY. I'm leaving, ASAP, and encouraging as many others as possible to follow.
I've thought about leaving, but my family's history is here, going back many generations. My kids are here, and their kids will likely be here. I love this state, and everything it has to offer. If it could be cut off from NYC, many of our ills would be alleviated. I know that's a pipe dream, but I'm willing to believe that SOMEHOW, this is going to work. Somehow, our country's constitution will shine through this legislative treachery. We will see. One of our local Niagara County guys who isn't known for being a die-hard constitutional Republican said in his statement about the anti-SAFE NY ACT vote "Shall not be infringed". My spidey sense started tingling.

I think that things are rapidly coming to a head in NY. Cuomo's speech stated "I want New York to be the progressive capitol of the country". What seems to be happening is that it may be the birthplace of a new revolution. That's not hype. Many people I never would have expected to line up against Cuomo have, and it's going to get ugly. People are not rolling over as expected, and I hope that continues.
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