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Al Norris
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The facts are rather simple.

There was no reason to suspect that the world, as we knew it, would be turned upside down. Even after the election, Obama (and the usual suspects) did not have the political capital to seek any draconian legislation.

If this was not the political landscape, then why was nothing done after Giffords? Why not after Aurora? Or the Sikh Temple? Not only did the administration do nothing, the States were not overly concerned, either.

Sorry, but it was not the election or any of the above that gave the impetus to the current political atmosphere. The run on guns and ammo did not spike with any of those prior events.

The unfortunate event of Sandy Hook was the perfect catalyst. It could not have been foreseen, by you or by anyone else.

As far as trends go, until Obama had that catalyst, he could have done nothing. He had no political clout to further that part of his agenda. The single most pressing issue of the day was the deficit. It still is. But because of the incident in Connecticut, most everything else has been put aside for this final thrust of gun grabbing.

Tell me Morgan, did any of us see Cuomo coming? Even after Sandy Hook?
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