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BartB, I do understand what you are pointing out, and I thank you for the information. The more rounds I shoot, the more I'll learn about the bullet/powder combination. However, in the case of the shooting I've just done, when one combo shot into one hole and the other combo's were nowhere close to that performance, I'm just going to take a mental leap and say to myself that the one-holer is what I want to use as my primary load (die, powder, bullet). If the answer wasn't so obvious (to me anyway), I'd do a lot more shooting before declaring a winner.

And, if truth be told, I will be doing more shooting with various dies. That Redding FL bushing die should have done better. You had convinced me that die was the way to go, and the only path to best accuracy. The results did not prove that out. You are obviously a knowledgable fellow with much shooting experience, so your opinion is to be trusted. Therefore, it must be that I didn't utilize all the potential from that die. I'll try it some more when I get my backordered Lapua brass (whenever that'll be). For now though, the Lee Collet Die will be my go-to sizing die. And I'll order one for my 260 Remington, where accuracy can be spotty.

The good news for me is that I can shoot till I get carpal tunnel syndrome in my trigger finger. I'm retired, with my own shooting range. Got plenty of bullets and primers. Could sure use those new cases though.

And let me mention that although I don't always agree with everything you say, I do recognize that you have much experience and knowledge. I listen...and I have learned a few things from you. And...also from FGuffey. And from Unclenick and a few of the rest of ya'll. The combined knowledge pool on this forum is huge.
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